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South Africa’s School of Shipping is to collaborate with INTTRA, the electronic marketplace for container shipping, to help students simulate shipment management of the ocean stages of container transport.

Using INTTRA’s various platforms, students will plan container bookings, executive bookings, submit shipping instructions and container weight information for SOLAS VGM compliance, and track containers.

Louw Franken, director of the School of Shipping, said that aligning with INTTRA to create the training module enhanced the school’s programme by allowing students the chance to test the practical applications of theoretical training.

“Students will develop a firm understanding of communication with carriers on core functions as well as basic operations and functions of exporting.

“We expect this collaboration to help create better-qualified graduates and eliminate the need for additional basic training when they enter the workplace.”

INTTRA president Philly Teixeira said the firm was honoured to have been selected by such a “highly respected” institution.

The school provides courses developed around the needs of the South African Maritime Safety Authority in compliance with the country’s Transport Education and Training Authority,



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