Splash247 columnist Andrew Craig-Bennett today turns his attention to the recent deal between Alibaba and Maersk, adding his customary sprinkling of healthy cynicism on a story that has probably had more than its fair share of hype (but you know what? It’s Maersk and it’s Alibaba, and few names in the supply chain sector excite Google’s search bots quite as much…) In Mr Craig-Bennett’s view: “This move is almost a declaration of war on the forwarders, but it is a very weak one. War has been declared, but almost accidentally. Everyone knows that liners hate forwarders.” But this opinion comes with a caveat – and an important one given the author’s background as a liner shipping man: it doesn’t look like a war that shipping lines can win, if they are really intent on going against the thousands of small and medium-sized forwarders who continue to control so much of the market.


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